We All Need to Change


Extracts from Mr. Ashot Bleyan's diary notes for November 2018.

An extract from the diary note for the 19th of November: To be, that's the question.

This is my 1499th diary note. It is being told no matter you are listening to it or not. My task is easy: my inner source of ideas has an everlasting flow. Tomorrow’s diary note, the 1500th, will be difficult for the reader. How will they reward me? How will they prepare for it?  My thoughts have gone ahead to the post-anniversary period, the 1501th note. Will the 1501th diary note be written anyway? What will it be like? That’s the question….

The teacher instructors' two-day open winter gathering of the 2018-2019 military sports camp in Arates Schooling Center will give an opportunity to the educational institutions of Vayots Dzor and the Educomplex to evaluate both the state of readiness and the existence of the winter school facilities.

Last year it didn't snow in our winter base Jrvezh. Will it snow in Jrvezh and Arates  this year? Will they get the winter accessories ready: skis, sledges and stoves with dry wood? A gathering with such practical issues will be held on November 29-30.

The December-January contest “Santa Claus 2018-2019” is a review of the achievements of author pedagogy project work with the project initiators, teacher-investigators, organization of inclusive education and educational exchanges.     

An extract from the diary note for the 14th of November: I've Always been And am a Signalman.

His greatness voter is in the center, whom the revolt government of the 2018 political generation change has freed from the election fraud, bribe, violence, other illegal interference, conviction, lack of dignity, which seemed to have been ingrained in blood and become a habit (a habit is said to be a person’s second character). Long live this mindset! But we have been left in the center with our right and ability to vote.

Shall we really manage, are we purposeful enough or shall we do our best to elect from what is offered or shall we find another way to avoid responsibility?…Are there worthy candidates to be elected? Yes, there are…the ones who can be nominated by the current political life. It’s a principle for me that from now on, for 28 days, we will have an opportunity to twig every single candidate. Media gives us endless possibilities plus our experience and shared lives. We are to be sincere, mature as a citizen-beneficiary…We can and we should listen to one another, become a client, and make sure that ideas of life changing solutions are circulated.             

An extract from the diary note for the 8th of November: Respect My Copyright. 

Once again about Davit and once again about a pedagogical step which is to be made. Arminae is trying to convince Davit: “Dear Davit, you should pay a more serious attention to your piano lessons. You should practice playing the piano every day so that your fingers can get used to it, and you can play the piano better and give concerts.”

“Mummy, I go to my piano lessons to create music not to learn to play the piano.”

What will Davit’s music teacher Lilit Arakelyan do? … During the music lessons she sometimes tells Davit about Charles Aznavour and sometimes about Charles Chaplin. She is doing her best to attract his attention, enhance his musical taste and satisfy our son’s craving interest. As for playing the piano… I am quoting Lilit’s latest viber message: “During the lesson Davit creates a piece of music and says, “Ms. Lilit play this on the piano.”

Dear Lilit, our family, Bleyan’s pedagogy is the client for such further musical education. We call this an individual’s author education. What are the educational blogs of Davit’s teachers for? What is your blog for, Lilit Arakelyan? Aren’t they for registering and publishing pieces of students’ spontaneous creations and this way publicizing our author education as an open system?

I am wonder why they don’t give fathers an obligatory paid holiday during the last two weeks of their wives’ prenatal care. Do you imagine a community where a child’s birth, the highest manifestation of love and creativity, is provided with such protection? …

You should assess the dangers that the Educomplex always has during the post-revolutionary period of euphoria. The Educomplex has always been against the traditional state cram schools. Respect my copyright. I am the symbol of this 30-year-old creator's mobile school and struggle against cram schools. What are these illegal current checks of the schoolchildren’s knowledge for with sample tests? On the other hand the Minister of education is constantly stating that he is against cram schools.  

An extract from the diary note for the 7th of November: We All Need to Change.

How far should we go back eradicating corruption?… up to 1990?  Where should we stop? Who gave us this corruptive life? Was it done by Ter-Petrosyan, Serzh Sargsyan or Robert Kocharyan? For me, the April pace of 2018, “Make a Step and Join In”, was a march done by the ones who were determined to go in the direction of perfection with love and solidarity together fulfilling the life-renewal covenant. Such an unwritten covenant was established among the citizens of the Third Republic of Armenia in 1990. Has that covenant survived the treaty of time?         

The solidarity of generations is in danger, and now the problem is the establishment of communication among the three generations living together. Where does this alienation from one another take us to?

Dear “Civil Contract”, Prime Minister Pashinyan and many other younger friends, if we take away the time of our joint life, responsibility for our close relations, the difficulties we have overcome together and the long road covered, what will remain? I name this unfaithfulness which I have always been afraid of.      

We all need to change and we all have a human, public, civil, Christian covenant of mutual help. The capable ones and the leaders take the front positions becoming the guarantors of such an arrangement. We should be engaged in improving the social life. We should improve the economic life of tens and dozens of teachers and doctors.



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