I Have a Covenant, Always to Light


From the Educomplex Director's Diary The 1500th Note

A new emphasis in my jubilee 1500th diary note …

It seems to me that our ancestors had another way of emphasis. The prosody of ancient melodies and unknown Armenian Chants is very interesting which became clear enough for me to comprehend because the musical emphasis seems to have been preserved, and the language is adjacent to it… 

With this emphasis from Komitas, I am opening Arthur Shahnazaryan’s “Prosody”, the third book of the medieval musical notation in the system of Armenian musical culture, which has appeared on my desk thanks to the publishing house “Zangak” and Arthur who presented me with it. And now I am opening it with veneration and excitement and begin my 1500th diary note.

Early this morning, in my Facebook reflection I mentioned about Lilit Bleyan's invitation to the Loft Club on November 28, at 19:00. She is going to give a talk-discussion on ″How to turn lyrics into a song″. Lilit presented this project at the Literary Club of the Educomplex during the celebrations of Sebastatsi Days.

″Don't worry, Armin″, Lusine Pashayan calmed Armine Abrahamyan down with a friendly remark, “Davit has already told everybody at school that his sister Astghik will be born tomorrow on November 21…”

And Armine wanted so much to let people know about it only after the birth. Davit and his sister…he himself makes decisions about his sister.

I didn’t make a teacher, and my diary note isn’t that of a teacher’s, no matter its reader is the faithful Sebastatsi teacher. This surprising specialist has always had my support and protection.  By disseminating the author pedagogy created in the Educomplex I can enlarge the number-geography of such protected and supported specialists. I only want them to initiate, make a decision and to wish to do something. If only the teacher got engaged in real pedagogy.  

I didn't make a principal either although there have been and still there are different kinds of educational institutions within the Educomplex realizing different educational programs: pre-schools, primary schools, school-gardens, middle and basic schools, various high schools and a college, several educational centers. The School N183 had a stormy development of a leader: classes with Armenian and Russian instruction, a two-shift schedule with a great number of students. The school as well as the South-West district of Yerevan were being  constructed at the same time, and I became the initiator, designer and the constructor of the whole district where the school is situated. Maybe my son Davit Bleyan’s decision to become a designer-constructor has the same source.  

First of all I am speaking about the public education with different educational services for various clients. And the Bleyan Educational Net is being organized for me to be useful for a great number of organizers of education, heads of schools and educational services to succeed in their initiatives in Yerevan and outside Yerevan. If only the organizers of education were real educators. Our author educational net is open without any borders a fully inclusive environment of education, as a developing community of ordinary people.

Yesterday I managed to meet a group of pre-school teachers from different regions of Armenia. They are taking a teacher training course at our Educomplex under the guidance our our experienced teachers.  

Then I had a serious talk with Arthur Ayvazyan, one of our parents who turned out to be an architect-designer. He said, “Mr. Bleyan, I can be useful for you now. You need help now.”

Dear Arthur, our yesterday’s meeting was not an accidental one. It was a necessity. As soon as you have time ring me up, and we will have a walk together. Your work experience is impressive. Thank you.

Yes, now we need the professional support of our parents who are the clients of our educational services. Money is of less importance now. Money will be earned with the help of various ideas. Now Bleyan’s school is in the period of economic cooperation with people of different age groups, support, training with production and technological public education beginning from pre-school. That is the reason why Karapet Rubinyan has been invited…

″Elementary, my dear Watson″, the famous Sherlock Holmes would exclaim. And my diary note knows that… I can't be subordinate either to a person or to an organization, not even to the Republic of Armenia…I have a covenant, always to light… 

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