And My Hero is the Man of Creation with his Initiative Endeavour


Ashot Bleyan

A selection of Ashot Bleyan's recent diary notes

This strong wave of independence-sovereignty, initiative, which caused, yes, the invasion of the Azerbaijani armed forces, which is spreading across the Homeland, I want it not to be just against the Turks. I want it to continue the development of our homeland through Hrazdan Gorge on the right and left banks of the Hrazdan River up to the mouth of the Araks, through the whole Ararat valley, Amulsar, the world of Artsakh, so that the spiritual connection can be established in all our parts, with the back and front line displacement, and make our Homeland capable…

When our homeland is really in danger, we must act as a defender of the homeland. My admiration for everyone on the Armenia-Artsakh front line no matter they are soldiers, officers or people’s volunteer corps. They are all my brothers and sons. Let's strengthen, supplement, feed the front line, and protect it as a parent, society, state.


“There is no being defeated…we haven’t been defeated…  Being defeated equals not living…”, I explain this to my son.  

Artsakh and Shushi with Ghazanchetsots Church, Dadivank, Amaras and Gandzasar are all standing … they are not just. Each of them is a lighthouse for all Armenians. Eraskh, Goris, Kapan and Meghri each become a centre. Having had so many losses and deprivations, we should pass on the not lived days of ours to creation. We will not be defeated, we will not allow another war.


For me, since the beginning of the Artsakh movement in 1988, the victory of political and social activity for the people of Artsakh has remained the same: that is living on their homeland. You can check with the posts on my blog that all my activities, in any status, have been aimed at this. Now in my words there are many parallels with Javakhk. You see, during the collapse of the Soviet Union, the people of Javakhk were able not to be inspired, and not to endanger the existence of their community. Now Javakhk not only exists but also was able to support the self-defence of Artsakh both financially and physically.  

In this dramatic period, I continue to help my colleagues at the educational complex with my experience and authority to manage the humanitarian mission organized for Artsakh to the maximum extent. You know that the educational complex has become a shelter for more than 80 people from Artsakh who are under safe care - women, children, the elderly, and about 180 students have found their protection through author pedagogical program.

The arrival of the new people from the Artsakh regions of Martakert and Avetaranots, is a kind of first dangerous reaction to the well-known declaration of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. What is the reaction of the societies and authorities of Armenia and Artsakh? What are the directions of guidelines planned for the people of Artsakh and Armenia and through us for all the Armenians? What urgent actions are being taken?  

The Artsakh-Armenia inseparable existence has been since 1988, and it was sanctified and renewed during the recent war with the participation of 18-20-year-olds in it from Artsakh and Armenia. Contract servicemen, people’s volunteer corps and rear also joined the cause of Artsakh self-defence as a reaction to the call up.    

Now, after so much loss, such Artsakh-Armenia kinship has no other way out and the loss of our dearest children has no other consolation but the determination of the people of Artsakh to live on their land. Living on their own land will be a heroism, because everyday life will be full of danger for their families and the community, and everyday self-defence will be necessary.

What can be more dangerous, idle and exhausting than making excuses a matter of the day with known or unknown culprits and episodes? If there is a problem that matters, that’s living for each of us, Artsakh people’s living on their land and not alienating their personal responsibility.

 Living and making others live in Artsakh-Armenia coexistence. This is my hashtag of continuous long-lasting victory.


My diary note is about living. We should surpass ourselves and manifest our best qualities in order to live not to die … In the media world, I am looking for and disseminate people who live and make other people live, their deeds and initiatives. They are like seeds in the soil. I am trying to notice also the least significant of them. And my hero is the man of creation with his initiative endeavor.

And it is natural that I found Siranush sargsyan who has written: “No matter how painful it will be, we must come to Artsakh and live again. At first let it be in this life-corpse status, but we must come in order to revive again. In no other place can we find ourselves, in no other place will we be waited for, only with us can this wounded, bloody, suffering land live and revive us… ”


In 1910 the great Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan wrote an article entitled Politics and We. I quoted an extract from this article in my political program at the extraordinary presidential elections held in Armenia in 1998. This is Tumanyan’s condition-requirement addressed to those Armenians who want to be engaged in politics.

What do we first of all need? I quote: “Were we to be engaged in politics, we would first of all create a viewpoint and work out a clear attitude towards the states under the control of which we are. That is to be a conscious, thoughtful attitude that has never been existed at all. We are always guided by wind currents, prejudices and misunderstandings, each time bitterly counting our gross mistakes and losses, each time being smart and far-sighted with our afterthoughts, when what happened is irreversible.”   

The Artsakh movement which began in 1998 as a renaissance and restoration of independent statehood of Armenia, began and continued without taking into account this condition-requirement, furthermore, ignoring it. How could such a claim absorb Armenian people: the self-determination of Nagorno-Karabakh, the annexation of the autonomous formation within Soviet Azerbaijan to Soviet Armenia, even if it is a just claim, without taking into account the possible tragic consequences?   Without giving an account, what would happen to the hundreds of thousands of our compatriots living in the Plain and Mountainous (Nagorno) Karabakh, without even imagining the fate of the Armenians living in Azerbaijan, in the capital city Baku, and the security of their physical existence? After a short time we had the darkest nightmare that could be compared to the beginning of the 20th century in western Armenia. 

 How didn’t the crime of February 27-29 in the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait shock or make us more serious. On the contrary, it inflamed us to take the path of bloodshed, to enter the storm for the speedy restoration of historical justice, to stand in front of nothing, not to retreat for fear of any loss…  

How did it happen ․․․ Not only do I not understand this, but I am an ordinary participant. I do not forgive myself and will not forgive. Help me to understand.


… As a peacekeeper, Russia, in the eyes of the world, has the opportunity to carry out an unprecedented humanitarian mission, to establish an acceptable coexistence of the participants in the Artsakh conflict. Does Russia have the necessary qualities for such a mission? Let’s wish it had. But having a wish isn’t enough, is it? New tools are needed.



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