Students Leave their Imprint in the School

Nune Aydinyan

Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Comlex attracts numerous likeminded Sebastatsi students who feel at ease, happy and at peace during their studies at school. In their turn, the students want to contribute to school. “To graduate does not mean to stop being a Sebastatsi. I will always be a Sebastatsi in all my life, with the steps I take and my way of thinking.” This reflection has been made by 12th grade student Yeva Berberyan who will be remembered for documenting the school life with her impressive pictures, exposed during photo exhibitions. Yeva is not the only 12th grader who has left an imprint on school life.

As the school year is coming to an end, festive activities that have been in full swing throughout the year within the framework of the projects “Dedication”, “Caring”, “Artsakh-Armenia: new coexistence”, “Gagarin”, “Good bye”, “Imprint”, “Learner-Teacher” carried out at High School of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex, continue. The 12th year students impressed and inspired us so much that we will remember them for long. They participated in various activities, including educational trips, concerts, sport events, came up with various initiatives, and took part in numerous exhibitions.

May 31, the first day of summer camp, was marked with an event at high school. EduComplex founder Ashot Bleyan, and Marta Asatryan, the head of our High School, officially opened the exhibition. It brought together students, teachers, organizers, parents, folk band members to greet the 12th grade students Sona Sargsyan, Marine Asatryan, Mane Gyozalyan, Ani Gevorgyan and Raisa Khachaturova who presented their group work – decoration of the two walls in the High School building. They had jointly drafted the sketches and painted them for weeks.
One of them is an abstract painting, symbolizing art.

Another painting on the wall is a triptych of Mkhitar Sebastatsi’s portrait in different colors in Andy Warhol’s pop art style.

The opening ceremony was preceded by the 5 students’ individual exhibitions in the Art School exhibition hall. Their works will continue to impress us with their vividness. The exhibition was coordinated by art teachers Gagik Charchyan and Karen Mkrtchyan. See Alen Avetisyan’s photo series depicting the event.

Prior to this event, four photo exhibitions were opened in the small concert hall where 12th graders Yeva BerberyanSofi ArakelyanAnush Tadevosyan and Alen Avetisyan displayed their unique photos. Their work was coordinated by photography teacher Ani Sargsyan.

Notable presentations on philological study were made by 12th graders within the framework of “Goodbye” project. Marine Galstyan presented her research on an Armenian mystical and lyrical poet, monk, and theologian Grigor Narekatsi (Gregory of Narek) and his Book of Lamentations (Narek). Another student, Narek Khachatryan presented his research on Armenian writer, educator and enlightener Khachatur Abovyan, focusing on his novel Wounds of Armenia.  Shushan Petrosyan presented her translations from Spanish, English and Russian within the framework of the project “Graduates are presenting”.  The presentations were coordinated by Armenian teacher Hasmik Ghazaryan.

The EduCompex enables the students to enjoy their school life to the fullest. Nonetheless, the time has come to say goodbye. The students participate in a discussion dedicated to summing up their school life. During this event, as part of the project, coordinated by teachers Irina Apoyan, Silva Harutyunyan, and Hermine Gevorgyan the students review, relive, and reflect on their experiences.

The 12th graders’ another activity was a performance entitled “Being Different”. It was based on 12th grader Nanor Hovhannisyan’s translations from Spanish and English. She translated some poems by Spanish authors Alicia Ghiragossian, Lucía Estrada, Lope de Vega, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, and Leonardo Alishan. Some Armenian translations of the poems by American Beat poet Bob Kaufman were also included in the performance.

The project was coordinated by teachers Hasmik Ghazaryan and Ruzanna Sargsyan.

Other 12th graders who have left their imprints are the IT specialists who are engaged in “Learner-teacher” project. Tigran Serobyan is one of them who shares his thoughts on his blog. “I am a student and a teacher at the same time. My interests are modern technologies and science, and I share my knowledge with the 4th and 5th-grade students. I think that being a teacher is a very responsible job, at the same time it is very important for self-development.” After he graduates, Tigran and his friends will be remembered by their  students of Robotics classes.  

The EduCompex founder Asot Bleyan met with the above mentioned specialized groups of students to learn about their achievements, their goals and to help them in their future endeavors by sharing his mentorship experience.

Two events were organized to honor two of our school graduates who were killed during the 44-day Artsakh war. They are also remembered for their imprints on school life. One was a philharmonic concert held on May 19 in the Yerevan Southwest Philharmonic Sebastia concert hall. The concert was dedicated to 22-year-old Soghomon Vardanyan, a talented piano player and artist whom BBC News called the boy who swapped his piano for a gun.

Many students, school graduates, teachers and students of Yerevan State Conservatory performed in the event, including 12th grader Tigran Serobyan, who played the piano.

The second event was the final match of football tournament and annual awards ceremony held on April 14 in Sebastatsi Stadium.  It was especially popular with the students, since the traditional annual football tournament commemorated our 2019 graduate, sportsman and active traveler Davit Gevorgyan, another victim of the 44-day Artsakh war. High school students, teachers, and guests, including Davit’s parents, came to see the final match to pay tribute to David and to present several awards to the players and teams.

To sum up, I would like to state that the students of Yerevan Mkhitar Sebastatsi EduComplex do not merely study the school subjects, take exams and get their school leaving certificates. They are not merely consumers of knowledge here. They live an interesting life that meets their interests and preferences. They live a creative life and leave their imprint in the school they graduate from.      

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