Our elder brother and friend Hakob Hakobyan: always a teacher

Ashot Bleyan

Today is the birthday of our physics teacher, founder supervisor of the science and technical center, our brilliant friend Hakob Hakobyan. Hakob’s school and friends began the preparations for his 65th anniversary in the summer of 2013. How right the modernization of the science- technical  educational center named after Hakob Hakobyan was! We have a center which is worthy of Hakob Hakobyan. That is a fact. It will continually be improved and become entity. How proper our today’s public educational science and technical review is!  What respectfulness can be seen in Gnel Harutyunyan and Levon Aramyan’s performance in their duties as the director of the review! So lovingly and initiatively is Mary Gabanyan implementing the first exposition of the educational science and technical means in the Educomplex. So frankly are the learners of different ages, teachers of ecology and science presenting their applications for participation. So quickly did “Hakob Hakobyan” blog become lively thanks to Hakob's former students who are studying at different higher educational institutions: Vardan Petrosyan, Tadevos and Sargis Markosyans, Artashes Kizogyan  and Gor Manukyan are often visiting the Educomplex during the review days. They are the enthusiastic organizers of this annual review which is becoming traditional. Read the saturated program of the review carefully. It was so much saturated that it seemed nothing could be added but there came the invitation from the teachers of Armenian and the Middle School students: “We are reading Teryan and dedicating that to the memory of Hakob Hakobyan”. Susan Markosyan has opened the special issue of the electronic magazine Dpir  comprising the teachers’ and learners’ science and technical materials: an act worthy of Hakob which is done with love and an air of modesty. I am sure that there will be new initiatives dedicated to Hakob. Our attitude towards science and engineering, the enthusiasm which has seized all of us beginning from pre-school is emphasized as a proof for the assertion of our author pedagogics: there is only one subject in the creator’s school, and that is life which is viewed from different, all sides. We deal with ICT, technics, science, language activities, music, fine arts and technology. The series of our reviews in 2014 that began with the public educational Digitech, the current gymnastics review, and the science technical one which is starting today, is the realization of what I said. You may read our educational calendar carefully again. I give a particular importance to the attitude towards the teacher. Hakob Hakobyan was and still remains the brother and elder friend for a group of teachers in the Educomplex. As we can see, death doesn’t separate us, and Hakob with the developing educational center founded by him, with his followers, with this review, with the educational blog “Hakob Hakobyan” continues to be our teacher. We are not making up something new: we are just asserting Hovhannes Tumanyan’s idea: It is the good deed that is immortal,… here it is: alive!                                       


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