Learners Choose Courses

Ashot Tigranyan

The start of an experiment

 Increasing areas of the right of choice application fosters the rise of man's and particularly learner's self-estimation and consolidation of his/her willingness to collaborate. Therefore, embracing the enforcement of our High School learners' right to choose their teachers, I decided to go further and grant the right of choice to my sixth grade learners too. I introduced them two courses: History and Children's History in the Context of the World History. The learners made their choice after having discussed it with their parents and friends. I also suggested that they should justify their choice in written form. Here are some of their justifications:

  Mkrtchyan Elen: "I have chosen Children's World History because interesting research work, educational trips and a possibility to enrich my knowledge are included in this course."       

 Khachatryan Arshil:"I studied the two courses and chose Children's World History because, first of all, I am a child. Unlike the History course here the system of assessment is clear and precise. The score is even mentioned in percents. I have also noticed that educational trips are intended for all the year round. It is also more interesting."    

Gharibyan Davit: "I have chosen Children's World History because it is interesting for me to lear how children in Egypt, France and other countries were brought up. I want to learn how they were brought up in Stone Age and what they were engaged in. I want to find out what they drew on the cave walls with as they didn't have necessary tools. I also want to find out some other things, therefore, I I have chosen Children's World History."       

Harutyunyan Davit: "I have chosen Children's World History because I have always wanted to find out what children did, what they were busy with several thousand years ago." 

Vardumyan Nane: "I have chosen Children's World History because it interests me more. I want to study the history of my peers."

Avagyan Astghik: "First of all, children's life in ancient times sounds interesting. I wonder what games they played, how they lived. I wonder if children made friends with one another. What did they learn from their parents? What did they do in their spare time, and finally, how did they live?"

Shahnazaryan Davit: "I have chosen History because it is interesting for me to know how people lived and how developed they were, what wars and battles took place in different countries."

Aghabekyan Gor: "I have chosen History because I want to lfind earn more things about people. I also want to learn about dinosaurs, pyramids, Gods and the Universe."  

Michaeli Mark: "I am choosing Children's World History because I like educational projects and going on educational trips. I also wonder what children did in ancient times."

Hairiyan Sergey: "I looked through the two courses. One of them is History and the other is Children's World History. I chose History. I agree that Cildren's World History is more interesting but it is aonly about children, whereas, studying History we pay attention to everything. Everybody tells me that Children's World History is easier, but actually there isn''t anything difficult or easy. It depends on whether you want to study it or not." 

 As an unknown philosopher said: "Man enjoys freedom, if he is the slave of his chosen course."



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