We have such experience which we can kindly share...


Due to the new Coronavirus, the second round of the pause in the educational institutions has begun in the Republic of Armenia from today until at least March 23. And we don't know how long this can take. Keeping society in this uncertainty, including its general education, means making it vulnerable.

Based on our pedagogical experience, my personal life experience, I suggest:  
  • Since only a small number of 12th graders haven't taken the state graduation exams, let them take their exams so as to make the conditions equal for all the graduates of this year. And we should cancel the 9th graders' examinations in June. Instead of it, I suggest that the whole of May and at least two weeks of June should be included in the school year like we have been doing in the "Mkhitar Sebastatsi" Educomplex for grades 1-11 for already several years. By doing so, the society and the Government will get rid of the sense of guilt that students have missed a great deal of study. Both the training will have its allocated time, and each individual student will be protected in emergency situations. 
  • The teachers and schools should acquire skills of conducting online or distance lessons. These skills will not only assure the organization of distance education which has to be adopted with the law of general education of RA as a way of education, but also will be used in such reluctant pauses in the training process. This is the first, but who can guarantee that it is the last.

We have such experience which we can kindly share. 

The first platform of sharing our experience: we are addressing the students, families, teachers being in forced outage: join in our organization of distance education by using the platforms of distance education of our schools, educational centers, teachers' blogs as a means of supplementary education. You pay nothing, you only get.

The second platform of sharing our experience: we are addressing the TV studios. We are ready to deliver online lessons of different courses and training activities of our author pedagogy. 

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