Entrance to the EduComplex: Little Arpi in the Sebastatsi Miraculous World

Arpi Tovmasyan

I came to stay 

In summer, when I learnt about English teacher’s vacant position in the Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational complex and applied for it,  I  couldn’t even imagine that it would be a life-changing decision. 

Just a few days later, the director of the College Tatev Bleyan invited me for an interview, and I hurried up to get acquainted with the educational complex and with the people working there. I should say that the very first impression is still in my memory. I remember being impressed by the big, bright, transparent classrooms and the people working inside these transparent classrooms who respect and trust each other, teachers who love their work, students, who value education and, most importantly, just smiling people. 

About the challenges

Yes, there were some challenges, of course. I jumped in almost in the middle of the academic year and began conducting lessons right away and, frankly speaking, had a big internal fear that it would be hard to build the right relationship both with the teachers and students. Students generally find it difficult to adapt to a new teacher. But actually, everything went on unexpectedly smoothly.


Many things have changed during these few months, and it is not thanks to only my efforts. Now, when I enter the classroom, there is no feeling of being a stranger or being at a loss. I  know where I am and why, and I am especially grateful for this to my students. Many thoughts and ideas, which seemed distant or unrealizable wishes, are real now because of the students' interest and diligence. And there are still a lot of projects to come. There is no greater joy than to see how my students proudly present  works or projects done by themselves. Self-education, education through exploration is one of the best ways to learn. My role as a teacher is simply to manage and guide the students and take a chance to learn from them.

Project-based life and lessons

I especially value the Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex for the choice of project-based learning. Instead of textbooks and standardised lessons that focus mainly on the transfer of information, project-based learning gives students the opportunity to do their own research and achieve results. This way of learning is much more effective and motivates them. This approach motivates the teachers as well, as they get more freedom and can be creative.

I would like to tell you about several important projects that I have managed during these months.

English club

The English club was organised with the advice and support of Mr. Yura Ganjalyan. The club involves students interested in English. The club members are mainly from the tourism department. These are the students who want to improve their language skills. The club aims at improving especially spoken English, and the lessons are  based mainly on  discussions and debates. We debate on different topics, watch thematic videos, write reflection essays about what we have learned.

I am glad that  students actively participate in the club meetings and now are able to  express their thoughts freely.

Films in English

This project is especially loved by my students. We enjoy watching movies in English, writing analytical articles about them, sharing our thoughts and discussing films together. The project is going on successfully.

One month-one book 

While teaching I was excited  to know that many of my students were interested in literature. So we have organized a readers' club where the students from different departments are welcomed. We have decided to choose one book for each month, read during the month and have a discussion. We have already read two books. Now now we are reading “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. 

English in Fairy tales 

What can awaken a greater love for the language than a fairy tale? The college students visit the primary schools of the EduComplex and read fairy tales to the younger students. The primary school students participate in these meetings very enthusiastically. 

Yerevan and me

The weather is getting better in Yerevan. How could we miss that opportunity? Together with the students of the tourism department and in cooperation with other teachers, we have decided to wander in Yerevan, see and study everything about the popular and hidden places in Yerevan, learn about interesting facts and stories. The final result of the project will be a short video about Yerevan and our wanderings.

Visit the provinces of Armenia!

Of course, we should not forget about our provinces. This month our goal is to study Gegharkunik Province, to discover unknown places and customs, to talk to the locals and, through all these actions, rediscover Gegharkunik. The final product of the project will be a short touristic video about Gegharkunik Province. 

Contest in English

This month there will be a contest in English among the first-year students of the college. The contest aims at testing the four levels of English language proficiency: auditory, visual, kinesthetic and conversational. The contest also aims at raising the students motivation to learn English. 

If the contest is a success, we will also invite students from other branches of our educational complex to participate in its future events. 

You can get acquainted with my other projects by visiting my blog.

A tour to a fairy tale 

Miss Arpi, will you come to Arates with us?

It was December. I was still new in the college and had only heard about Arates. But even that was enough for me to agree at once and look for a sleeping bag!

It was the most real winter in Arates, as if it came out of fairy tales: white, soft and full of fun. The evenings were warm, full of intimate conversations and smelling like burning wood. And the cottages are  perfect places to hide from the noise of the world, where childhood and dreams are still alive. I hope I will have the opportunity to see Arates in other seasons as well.

“Entrance Camp” and Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex

It was really an entrance camp, because no matter how much you have already taught or how many projects you have managed, Sebastatsi educational complex is also the people of Sebastatsi, whom I had the opportunity to meet. I am especially glad that I have got acquainted with Mrs. Mariet Simonyan, from whom I still have a lot to learn. It was wonderful that the camp was held in different departments of Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex, which was another opportunity to get to know the educational complex better. 

Here I would like to talk about another approach to education, which I really appreciate in Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex. The educational complex is big. There are hundreds of educators and thousands of students, but that does not interfere with communication among all the parts of the educational complex. They cooperate, create, sing and dance together. I especially value our Friday events in the Marble Hall, which unite all the teachers and students.

The camp was also a great opportunity to review previous works, learn new things, share ideas with others and think of new projects. I hope all the projects born during that period will become a reality. This is also a promise to myself. 

About the most beautiful word 

The third educational period is coming to an end. In conclusion, I would like to mention that I am grateful for every opportunity to learn from both teachers and students. I thank especially Mrs. Tatev Bleyan for noticing me, believing in me and supporting me. I thank also Mr. Yura Ganjalyan for his advice, inspiration and willingness to help. I thank the students for trusting me and valueing the foreign language. Thank you for noticing little Arpi and letting her be a part of your story.

Important projects, that I have managed during these months

English Club

ԱFilms in English; analyses

English in Fairy Tales

Ted Talks: discussions


Visit the provinces of Armenia

English contest for the first year students


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