Do you agree with my claims?

Ashot Bleyan

  • The main thing in the strategy of the 2012-2013 Educomplex academic year is to unite everybody around the common goals.
  • In our Educomplex everyone is given a chance to learn, to manage and to be a success.
  • With limited financial and material means, owing to reasonable and complete usage of the media, we have been able to move ahead the author educational programme.
  • We are getting rid of hierarchy and establishing communication with all the students and employees of the Educomplex.

I'm mixing with Davit, my son, a lot, and this mixing is sincere with a lot of turnabouts. Like Davit I love the outcome which is not only obvious but it can also be touched and even taken into the mouth. Within our activities during the current academic year I will enumerate, distinguish obvious and significant achievements which are new educational contents, new educational environments, new ways of organizing education and the elements of sharing our experience in the open-system. Music is distinguished as the essential result of the 2012-2013 academic year as far as the contents and the way of organization are concerned. I believe in the cleansing and devil haunted power of divine music which is Komitas for Armenians. Plain psalm shepherd David haunts the demon torturing King Saul and calms him down. It is not only exciting to me as a four thousand-year –old favourite and authentic story but also defines the range of the importance of musical education.

The restoration of the integrity of teaching music beginning at the age of 2 and continuing up to school leaving Grade 12 and the graduation year of the career college, the organization of the activities of our teachers' choir as a sort of demon haunting for each of us, giving importance to the audio studio within , my support to Mary Arakelyan’s all efforts and initiatives in her project “Public Educational Concert”, conveyance of music to families and learners' lives with the help of media, with and by means of Davit Bleyan’s example of showing the important and exclusive influence of music on the development of a child at an early age, giving importance to the role of music teachers and providing them with the necessary working conditions, the essential support to Sveta Chagharyan and Mary Arakelyan’s all initiatives in organizing further music education: nothing out of the above mentioned is exaggerated or in vain. The result of all these efforts is “Antivirus Komitas” which will be held on May 31this year that will gather all our students and teachers in the marble hall for the third time, and the “Bio-cultural Tour” starting on May 25 will become part of our calendar. Maestro Harutyun Topikyan’s entry to author pedagogy was an essential personnel improvement during the 2012-2013 academic year.

We have an educational calendar published at the beginning of the school year that dictates and coordinates our educational life, and it not only unifies our daily educational life but also makes it ritual and gives the power of tradition to all our educational efforts, strengthens the family-school relationship, connects our past and present lives.

The general morning trainings in all 8 public schools of the Educomplex (on all weekdays, at the same time and in the same order: at 9.00-9.15 ), the Media Fridays in the marble hall (every Friday at 15.15-16.00), the teacher’s weekly seminars (every Monday at 15.15-16.15), the open discussions of the Educomplex subcommittee, the periodical online discussions, the teacher’s monthly overall meetings, the summer, autumn, winter camps and the summer school make up the contents of our working hours. The number of students involved in the educational research camps, country study trips, creative out-door trainings and in the educational projects certify that our wide specter of the educational trainings is not ostentation, it’s a real fact. I observed the frequency of organizing online teaching in our High School-gymnasium. It has been our daily life for a long time. It is no longer an exotic thing. Who remembers about the bell? We have also forgotten about the security guards, men on duty and about the locked entrance door. I am verifying the dynamic development of an open, mobile, predictable author educational system. The educational environment is becoming more and more open both in physical and virtual worlds. The school building without interior walls is more attractive and this attractiveness hastens the disappearance of the deaf walls: in the result of this noise decreases, it doesn't increase, and there are no longer defenders for the attention declension excuses … In two years’ time we will have a completely transparent environment, a TV-pavillion teaching, and students and teachers will get rid of their second behavior which is meant for closed premises and will have only one behaviour. With this respect you may follow the development of the Middle school model floor section. Markosyan Victoria, Ghazaryan Haik, Arsenyan Sona, Atoyan Christine … the list can be continued, oppose to the formal group education with the effective organization of their inner demand, self education by means of skillful of computer programs. Respecting the learner's freedom of choice in the 2013-2014 academic year will demand a new quality teacher a new organization of education. Self-regulation is the main factor for the development of the community, and we are making it visible. The asphalt and border stones were removed from all the school territories of the Educomplex. There occurred such a demand for the quality and amount of a gardener’s job that it brings up new educational contents with new educational projects, and with active and aesthetic attitude towards the environment. We are more mobile, opener, more creative, braver and more consentaneous, we feel each other, we are attentive and helpful to each other. There is an environment of partnership, mutual assistance and complementarity.… A group of 15 from the Art School had only 3 days to get ready for a five-day out-door painting in Shushi, and they managed it. Several weeks ago we had only half a day to get our pavillion ready for the Republican Educational Expo, and Zara Arakelyan with her friends managed it. The group of 5-6 graders not only got to Shushi but also came back through Kelbajar without even grumbling bringing with them the annunciation of building the stadium of the Educomplex. The reception and giving accomodation to 80 guests of the Ecoour 2013 and the realization of their individual programmes wasn't noticed by anybody except the guest-participants: How do you manage all these without any tension all by yourselves?… Zimenko Diana, a 9 grade student, went back to Shushi three times with her photo camera: the ruins are whispering and charming… To be fair continue this series in your own way with what you value much. What an impressive series of comments it will be! Let me start with «Conquering the Peaks” , and I am crazy about the September and especially May projects. Has the sweeping activity, which was not once alien to me, and which even sometimes harmed both me and the Educomplex, been overcome? I do not mean weekening the impetus of our activities. I am asking if the impetus of our work is focused on our common aims, have our means been spent effectively? It is important that every employee of the Educomplex answer. There are concrete-legal- tangible formulations: Fundamentals of the Development Programme of the Educomplex for the 2013-2016. Here they are: the 7 synonyms to the Educomplex, the 7 qualities of the Educomplex, the 7 wonders being built in the Educomplex. Ask Yourself whether our efforts, material and human investments have been nonstop and purposeful during the 2012-2013 academic year. Is there a conscientious consistency as an achievement? My publications in the 2012-2013 issues of the “Dpir” will be useful for those wanting to present a coordinated and consistent requirement to the text.

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