It will be new to each of us

Ashot Bleyan

No purpose is important enough to justify the means.  God given means is our life properly lived. The very realization of that makes our pre-school children’s, learners’, parents’, educators’, individual’s and community’s lives of Sebastatsies of all ages significant be it in 2013 or in 2014. With this faith of ours and by means of our author pedagogics and in the result of that, we are able to change our lives by setting problems and solving them in the form of a whole set of educational projects, as a creator’s mobile school directed to meet the individual’s educational requirements.           

With this we overcome all the barriers in the Educomplex and out of it, in human, interpersonal relationships, in establishing connection between education and life, between the “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex and the world, both in Armenia and out of Armenia.  One should have a great imagination to imagine that it is possible to get over the hopelessness which has stabbed Armenians, and bravery is needed to change one's, akin relation’s and stranger’s lives, and making that one's lifework. The most capable and successful of us should be the Grandfather Frost (Santa Claus) giving us that creative imagination. By making this decision in 2014 we will fully use Armenia’s whole stock of mutual trust, interpersonal relationships, tolerance and partnership, overcoming social isolation and disconnection, acting as an organized community with the same credo. Let's come up with initiatives, live and act in the full mode of mutual support. Only in this way can we make a noticeable upheaval in Armenia. This is the way to make the Year a really New one. What is difficult here? One can hear everywhere, “I am tired…” Of course, one can be tired of such life, of not living; it is high time one could be tired. Let’s record that society has got tired of this; at last. The only way to overcome this is to admit the duty for each one of us to begin living without setting terms, creating, giving gifts like Grandfather Frost, being beside the one in need, establishing individual and social welfare building a free, autocratic, democratic, lawful, social Armenia and Armenian open society.

That’s why it was not difficult for me to choose a New Year congratulating present: that is the opportunity to work creatively together on the first project of the 2014 educational calendar.


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