Open Review-festivals as a Way of Organizing Educational Programs and Presenting the Results


Susan Markosyan


According to the author educational programs in “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex and the educational calendar of the Educomplex, the school year and the school year terms finish with the public educational project “I Can”, camps in January and June, which are followed by the annual review-festivals of the development of learners′ preferences.

  • In  January: Public Educational Digitech, Public Educational Science-technical and Athletic Reviews
  • In June: Musical, Film-Photo, Translational and Theatrical Summer Review-Festivals

 The educational calendar also intends annual reviews during the school year: “Tigran Hayrapetyan” review on History-Social Studies-journalism, Public Educational Eco Tour, Technological Review “Dedication”, “I Can”, “We are reading …Tumanyan, Teryan, Charents, Bakunts”. The aim of the review-festivals is stimulation of creativity, presentation of the learners’ and teachers’ educational skills and their development.

The review is an opportunity to summarize particular work of a particular learner or teacher of the Educomplex schools. This is a specific report for each of them to evaluate what has been done and to single out what is valuable. The authors of the author educational program can evaluate the whole work which has been done throughout the school year, formulate the objectives, make amendments in their subject syllabuses, study and introduce others’ progressive experience in pedagogy or in a particular school subject area. The results , of each review are presented in the learner′s, teacher′s, class or club blogs, on the Review page of, and the methodological articles, pedagogical translations are published in the Review issues of «Dpir». The review becomes a means of realizing author educational programs and disseminating their results. The review-festival is a creative gathering which provides not only an opportunity to present educational skills but also to develop them. Review-festivals are open. Organizing a review-festival is an educational project of an educational club or a group of learners and teachers of the Educomplex. They plan the review directions, define the nominations and rewards, keep contact with the review partners and find new partners and sponsors.     

Part of organizational work is the involvement of the learners from other institutions of public education in the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and Georgia, making attractive and timely presentation of the review, adjusting the review agenda with the participants.

The participants, can be hosted at the educational exchange accommodations. The review not only gives the learners and teachers of different nationalities an opportunity to get acquainted with each other, share with their achievements and experience, but also to realize joint educational projects, go for a walk or on a trip, spend evenings together.

The review is organized with initially published plan and day-to-day agenda. The organizers plan not only the procedure of the review, but also its preparation and summary. The review nominations presuppose the Educomplex learner′s reporting participation, the participation of the learners from other institutions, the teachers′ methodological articles and the presentation of other educators′ progressive experience.

The day-to-day agenda of the review presupposes open and master class lessons, round table discussions, presentations, expositions and exhibitions.

The review organizers are also in charge of relevant dissemination of the review. Digital means of education are widely used for organizing, spreading and summarizing the results of the review: voice recorders, photo cameras, soft programs and the Internet.

The reward of the reviews is a camp ticket or an educational country studies trip. 

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