English Taught Project Based


Author:Irina Apoyan

It is the teacher's duty to help the learners to realize the nessecity of studying independently; the teacher is responsible for making the subject syllabus, teaching material and the learning process more and more interesting. There are different ways of teaching. I prefer the democratic way of teaching when the learners are given an opportunity to make a choice, express themselves freely and give suggestions. This is the main principle of project based teaching.       

While realizing the translational project we use the website newsinlevels.com which has so many resources in different levels that each learner can find a material corresponding to his/her abilities and interests and translate it. The most interesting translations are published in our electronic magazine Targmanir

The learners have dubbed the animated cartoon Mirror. They are also interested in   elucidating the everyday life in the Educomplex in their blogs in English: We and our School, Conquering Summits, The Winter Educational Camp, Wandering about Yerevan, We and our Guests.

International educational exchange programs also help us to realize educational projects. This year we have joined in the international program eTwinning and now we are taking part in two projects: Let's know each other's languages  and Let's change the world by poetry

Our Educomplex is an educational institution which gives big opportunities to the students. Our learners of Grades 9-12 were given a chance to communicate with young specialists from 7 different countries and to participate in the course "Financial Literacy". The learners not only participated in that course with pleasure but also organized other undertakings with the guest teachers. They elucidated this course and other undertakings with the guest teachers in their blogs and on our school website. Our guest teachers also took part in our school life according to our educational calendar: We are reading, Ghapama Ritual and our Guests.

The fact that the learner can narrate, write, create and make a report in different languages can be considered great progress:

Doing such work makes the learner more self-confident. He/she begins to communicate with others in English without being afraid of making mistakes. The student himsel/herself learns speaking by speaking. 

Organizing project based teaching is effective not only for students but for teachers as well; they always have to be creative and think about new initiatives.

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