Make a Step, Join Bleyan Open Educational Network!


From the director's pedagogical diary notes 

Ashot Bleyan

My diary note is a new announcement, an answer to possible questions. Why doesn’t our pedagogy come up to the locality of your dwelling place? We are prepared to create an open network of our author pedagogy all over the Republic of Armenia. We are ready to bring the content and form of our author pedagogy to the place of your inhabitation and organize education according to the choice of parents and families making such education available and equal all through Armenia as a state alternative author educational program set by law, determined by the Educomplex charter and ordered by the contract of the Ministry of ES of RA.

Applaud our author educational program and the organization of its network, be self-organized as a community, initiating group, a customer, and we will come. We are beginning with pre-school education, primary education wherever it may be: in a self-employed pre-school institution, in a primary school with its kindergarten like in our Educomplex.            

By saying an open network, I don’t mean attaching school buildings and their property to our Educomplex. I mean the united organization of educational work, when “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex is the coordinator-organizer of the network through which our author educational program is spread.    

Tigran Petrosyan from Gyumri asks: ″As a parent, I would like to find out whether it is possible that Your Educomplex open the doors of its branch in Gyumri in September, and if yes, for which grade students will it be?″ Within the framework of Pedagogical Innovation Camp named ″Friendship″ the visit of the Minister of ES of RA and his staff to the Educomplex, a tour around the Educomplex and a round-table discussion are planned on June 18-22. Tigran Petrosyan and other customer-partners interested in our author pedagogical program, whether that planned visit really will take place, is also your concern. …

What prevents us, the Ministry of Education and Science, the educational complex, the citizens implementing the right to choose their education, their initiative groups and communities, villages, cities, to push forward the creation and expansion of the open network of author educational program? Nothing seems to prevent it.   

As the leader and founder of the open author educational network, I am completely in this service. When, where and in which form (pre-school, primary school-kindergarten) will the first educational hub appear and join our educational network. That is a question with no definite answer now. You can make your own step: do you hear me? We offer a real self-organization of your demand for public education. 

June is the best month for our author educational program with its content and organization being fully project and camp-based and with educational reviews and trips open for the learners of all aged groups, for everyone engaged in pedagogy from Yerevan, different provinces of Armenia, from Georgia and Artsakh. There is no prejudicial treatment or differentiation… Welcome to “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex: let’s learn together, act together, and make a step through our network of pedagogical innovation together. You may become one of its hubs…. June gives us such an opportunity. We are determined to bring the networking organization of education to the inhabitants in Yerevan and out of Yerevan by forming a network of author pre-schools, primary school-kindergartens and educational complexes preserving their autonomy.               

Our Middle School 8th grader Gohar Arghutyan asks: ″Are you ready for the consequences of creating such a an educational network?″ Your question shows that you have carefully read my diary notes. We are ready, always ready! We are ready to admit any group or even an individual who have made their independent decision. Let them make a step to become one hub of Bleyan Educational Network on their own initiative, and our response will follow.

“What can we do for the success and expansion of the educational network?”, asks Gohar Arghutyan’s inseparable friend Nane Ayntabyan. Continue spreading the idea of network all over the republic and out of it through educational exchanges and by learner-teacher project groups.

 Our most touching publication on the social websites is the invitation to the ethnographical musical review. It is the continuation of the pedagogical initiative camp “Friendship”. Such is the character of the educational network: nonstop acting.  

“What will happen to the Educomplex when the network expands so that we can’t manage to get to the South-West of Yerevan from its different parts?”– That will be like our swimming pools. The water never becomes less. They are always being filled in with fresh water.

“Do the new authorities help you in your efforts to expand the network?”, asks the 6th grader Shushan Pashinyan in the role of a reporter. We will help our authorities with all our soul so that everyone in his chosen sphere, in habitat can become the author of what he does.

The development of Bleyan Open Educational Network is our daily life. A few days ago Mariet Simonyan arranged the next in turn literary club meeting in Ashtarak with local readers and teachers. Now our literary club is not only part of the Educomplex but it has already become an independent educational hub of Bleyan Open Educational Network.

″Istanbul-Yerevan″ public educational exchange is also becoming an educational hub of Bleyan Educational Network with its all the year round organization, educational camps in Yerevan and Istanbul, pedagogical business trips.      

At the swimming review of the prolonged day primary school teachers I declared the formation of a new educational hub of our network: an open all the year round camp for the children of different age groups in the 2018-2019 school year. So not only the learners of Grades 1-7 of the Educomplex can be included in the groups of prolonged day care but also learners from other schools of the South-West district of Yerevan. We are open and our educational network doesn't tolerate any differentiation.      


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