Our Pedagogy is Uninterrupted Like Our Desire to Learn, Like Our Life

Ashot Bleyan

Gevorg Hakobyan

Susan Markosyan

According to the educational calendar of the author educational programs of Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex, the following events are scheduled for March 23-27, 2020

• Spring educational vacation for students,

• Spring open school for pedagogical staff

Dear students of all ages, dear parents, we have not voluntarily chosen this regime of isolation and self-isolation, which will still continue for weeks, but we will not only give in to stagnation and idleness, but also benefit from it. Education is your inalienable, constitutional right, and at this stage family education and self-education have no alternative. You are responsible for your own education. We will not leave you alone. We encourage the inspiring impetus of studying at home and keeping our distance learning. It's a good period of time:

  • to read a lot of fiction, popular science fiction and even professional literature according to your preference,
  • to listen to good music, the performances of your favorite artists,
  • to listen to and watch public speeches of interesting intellectuals and figures,
  • to watch good feature, documentary and educational films,
  • to travel online in virtual museums, studios, and plan real educational trips after this period of isolation.

For support and questions, you can contact us, not only your teachers, but also any employee of the educational complex (e-mail addresses of the pedagogical staff of the educational complex).

The most interesting thing now is the trajectory of your self-education: post on your educational blogs what you read, watch, write, create, and what you discuss with your friends during your online meetings...

The development of the author educational programs is included in the weekly working plan of the educators’ school:

• Evaluation of the author experience of distance learning in the schools and college of the Educomplex on March 2-6, March 16-20.

• Mastering the tools and programs used for online learning, adapting them to the author pedagogy.

• Studying and mastering of new tools and technical solutions.

• Development of the programs for distance-online schools and the college of the Educomplex from March 30 with the active participation of students.

• Publication of the materials in the media library and the pedagogical periodical.

• Working with students on distance learning projects according to the students’ choice and their individual educational order as a supplementary education.

It's our work, we do it for ourselves, but it's open. Our educator is free to present our distance-online school to the public through the mass media, on condition that we are talking about the "learner- -teacher" method, independence and autonomy, from the position of the author of the author educational program, about the development of the experience of author teachers.

Our pedagogy is uninterrupted like our desire to learn, like our life.

And at the end: what we have created is for everyone in the republic, as our mission demands. Any student, family can join in the distance learning projects. Any teacher, parent, can join in our educators’ distance school, the program of which (work schedule with distance online meetings) will be published on the blog of the Pedagogical Center, mskh.am tomorrow. You can continue to follow us from the complex distance learning page of the educational portal, where as an alternative, the educational complex is presented with three links: mskh.am distance learning online page, our Media Library, and "Dpir" pedagogical periodical.

Now it is spring in our physical environment, a real epidemic zone for isolation and work. 


Ashot Bleyan, director of the Educomplex,
Gevorg Hakobyan, deputy director, head of the Pedagogical Laboratory of the Educomplex
Susan Markosyan, head of the Pedagogical Center of the Educomplex

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