Getting over the Ruins

Ashot Bleyan

The ruins are around us and also in us. They are so much in us that we have got used to them. The key objective of the programme of improvement of our Educomplex surroundings for 2012-2013 is to get rid of the ruins. That's why we concentrated our attention on the uncared for, neglected internal territories of the  Basic school and Trade school where there are "ruins" not being used at all or are being used for noneducational purposes. Our aim is to make all these ruins of these schools and other schools of the Educomplex part of our educational environment.       

During the days of the May creative gathering of author educational programmes we can evaluate our efforts and make certainty in our three months' summer work in this direction. The growth of the learners' number, the yearly growth of diversity, multiformity and variety of activities have demanded and are demanding us to treat our internal educational territories more and more carefully always considering them to be territories of public use.         

During the 2013-2014 academic year we will specifically take up the question of roofs and attics of our school buldings using the space of attics and also turning our plane roofs into outdoor educational environment. We will also pay our attention to our basements which are either carelessly used store-rooms or neglected closed spaces. The development of educational projects, the growth of bravery and imagination in our initiatives already demand or will demand that we treat the roofs and basements with more respect. Please come up with brave initiatives and suggestions, and we will include them in our 2013-2014 programme.

On the one hand the consistent removal of asphalt from our school yards, the final liberation of soil is the achievement of our bravery, but on the other hand it was to cause and it has already caused uncare for pieces of land which are in fact external ruins. This state of things was expected as we are persistently refused financial assistance by the government for planting greenery and constructing our sports complex, and our efforts for the realization of the project "The school yard is an educational garden" don't have enough power and volume.     

 I would like to offer my consistent critics and passimists to have a short walk in the school yards of Art school and Basic school. No matter how far the state of things is from what I have imagined, it will seem to you that the project "The school yard is an educational garden" has been carried out. One thing is clear: we can't turn back. It is also clear that a new encouraging will of ours is to give us a new start. There is a large field for showing bravery, taking initiatives and establishing new links with our land. Here I want to mention two destinations: the first one is the start of the "2013 Ecotour" on April 26, and the second is the "Day of Children's Protection" on June 1 which is the start of project "Educational Summer" with its educational camps.  

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