When time is dear, approach is sparing

Margaret Sargsyan

When education is addressed to an individual, educational environment should also be individualized, where the individual is armed with the new tool of education, the personal computer. This academic year brought with it a new quality, environment: at the lessons the learners are with their personal computers. We should acknowledge that this phenomenon is already an achievement in the Armenian educational system. This achievement changes or it can change a lot in lesson organization. What is changed in lesson organization, how much and how can the learner's notebook/net-book, the cordless Internet influence the process and quality of education? I have made several observations in the result of a month-work experience.   

  • Education, speed of educational process has become, and can become faster and more dynamic, in harmony with and appropriate to the current century.  
  • Time is being used in a more rational way. 
  • The demands of an individual take priority.
  • The responsibility and talent of an individual become visible, accessible, specific, and education becomes perceptible and effective.  

Let me clarify. Each student works according to his/her capabilities, gaining the skills which are necessary just at that time to overcome a specific difficulty that comes across. The difficulty that comes across at a definite moment, which includes turning over literature pages, looking through informative materials, is not left for a later time: everything is at hand and accessible just at the given moment. Nobody has to keep pace with another learner (I don't mean the group work), to wait, to slow down for a while. Everyone can fly using his/her own potentials and abilities, talent and wish. Nobody discourages you, slows you down: work becomes more dynamic and flexible. When you are working in the mode of creativity and creativeness, the result gets visible. You get the chance to introduce yourself on the Internet, gain popularity thanks to your skills and efforts.     

When literature is accessible and it is in the same territory, when you can't say that the library doesn't possess such a book, and that there was only one copy, and it was not convenient for me to read in the reading hall, and that ... many such excuses involuntarily disappear. Other excuses may, of course, come forward. Excuses always turn over.  Making the Internet Armenian and the development of this process, making literature accessible by spreading it over the Internet is given importance to.

About the teacher

Defining work direction, watching its course becomes more specific and practical, and the mandatory reading material gets more. From my own experience I know that learners may demand a change during the lesson: project work can make learners tired, and they may ask for a break. That break also should be made educational.  

I often hear: “Tell me some good, short thing to read. I'll go on with my work tomorrow.” It turns out that you should always be ready to offer them a good, short piece of literature. And this piece of literature should be interesting, comprehensive and inclining the given student to discussion. The teacher is given a chance to work with students more easily, to understand a definite student, his educational interests, his type of personality, skills and demands: to work purposefully, clearly, to sit beside the learner, to listen to him and think together, to set his direction.

Educational environment is more modern, mobile, and time is valued. Sparing time and using it in a rational way is one of the pivotal issues of the 21st century man. (An individual gets his education; an individual organizes his educational process.)      




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