Together with our learners: This is the only way


Ashot Bleyan

January 12-30, the final period of the first term of the 2014-2015 school year, is for the public presentation of the learners' educational abilities with all its stages. The first one is called “I Can” which is preparatory in its character and is followed by three reviews: Science Technical, Athletic and Public Educational Digitech  with the educational exchanges defined by their programs.…That is why I consider it to be necessary that You should carefully read, comprehend, give suggestions and make comments on the letter of the Pedagogical Centrer of Educational Programs(appendix 1). Together with our learners: This is the only way; If we do not do any educational or social work with learners, how can we make out that what we do is for our learners, and they will need it in their lives?...Adults simply get tired of the learners and prefer an “easier” but pedagogically condemned way: “I will do it myself, mind your own business... it's all the same, nothing good can be expected from you…” The mission and essence of education is in this public unity, and education at school or at home should be viewed as adult and learner's joint life which is to be lived together beginning with distinguishing problems, formulating them, discussing the ways of their solutions, selecting the tools, mutual assistance, discussing the results and difficulties and application of the final product…

Dear Nara Nikoghosyan, Susan Markosyan, school headmasters and teachers-organizers, why did so few learners take part in the winter pedagogical school?... Didn’t you get surprised? Because it was intended for educators, wasn’t it? … Why is it done isolated from our learners?... I suggest that the pedagogical schools, which are mentioned in our educational calendar, should also be open to learners and their parents. Let their participation be optional: full or partial.

Aida petrosyan and Marinae Mkrtchyan with nursery school teachers and their assistants have made a breakthrough with their ensemble “Clatters-Shrkhkan”. They made a great impression on me when I watched and took part in their performance. You can watch it in this video… Bravo!

The nursery school teachers and the learners of Grades 1-3 were busy training in the big gym hall under the guidance of Davit Fahradyan. Our nursery school teachers should also be the physical culture teachers of 6-9-year-old learners. They should manage it like they do in teaching the mother tongue, mathematics, technology including digital and designing. Otherwise they won't be allowed to work as nursery teachers. There should be a breakthrough like this in order to be fair in our work. I will not tolerate any segregation in this principle. That may be the way of natural selection, the so called attestation of teachers: the results of the teacher’s review-project activities. You can see the nursery teacher on the athletic batut, gymnastic mat or beam. The nursery school teacher should also give concert and theatrical performances in the events Centre “Suburb” and in other halls of our Educomplex. We should also see the teacher’s ability in problem solutions at science technical, mathematical, chess and ecological reviews. We should read the teacher’s articles in “Dpir” and in her/his educational blog, listen to her/his radio materials and watch her/his videos. In addition to all this there should be her learners’ individual participation in educational projects and reviews, and in such cases the nursery school teacher’s participation is direct or indirect in the role of a coordinator and supporter… That is the full crazy life of a nursery school teacher.

If you live a double-natured life: one supposedly educational (like in non-creative schools according to state curriculum), and the other supposedly author educational (only in extracurricular activities) like reviews, media Friday concerts, summer and winter schools for educators…, won’t it be too challenging for you? This is a breakthrough year of overcoming this double-natured life with your honest, conscentious, public activities... Do you hear me, Sebastatsies of all ages, wherever you are? There should be one life, one educational program, one behaviour... 2015 is a year of such monotheism.      


Appendix 1

Can we?

Dear Sebastatsies, authors of the programs of author pedagogy, headmasters of our schools, supervisors of our educational centres, teachers and learners,

According to our educational calendar of 2015 the public educational review “I Can” on  January 12-16 starts the stage of demonstrating the power and talent of our mobile creativity summarizing the results of our work in the first term of the 2014-2015 school year.

Can each of us use that one-week review so as to:       

1.   Plan an interesting and bright educational camp of three annual reviews on January 19-23: the 7th Edudigitech, the 2nd Athletic and the 2nd Science Technical. Each of us should do this work as responsible hosts and organizers with country study educational exchanges, with learners' preference and club activities and further education.

2.   Complete the preparation work for the January 26-30 Review Camp:

  • Competetions defined by the reviews involving learners of different age groups, nursery school teachers, pre-school teachers, teachers of middle and high schools
  • Registering the skills and abilities defined by the review contents
  • Master class lessons
  • Discussions of the materials presented at the reviews, creative gatherings
  • Evaluating the presented materials, voting
  • Expo demonstrations of schools, clubs, classes and individuals, interesting presentations of organizing education
  • Fairs of literature and stationery
  • Concert-performances for opening and closing the reviews

Respectfully yours,

Ashot Bleyan, Susan Markosyan and Naira Nikoghosyan      

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